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Boost Life provides fully qualified massage therapists specialising in pre-natal and Swedish massage techniques. 
Our pre-natal massage treatment provides relief for many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. Choose from either a full body massage or an abdominal massage.

Getting a pre-natal massage is one of the best ways to bond with your baby but if thats not enough here are a few other potential benefits of a mother and baby massage.

– Reduced back pain
– Reduced joint pain
– Improved circulation
– Reduced Edema
– Reduced muscle tension and headaches
– Reduced stress and anxiety
– Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles
– Better sleep
– Improved labour outcomes and newborn health
– Helps to avoid varicose veins
– Massage encourages the release of oxytocin

Full body : 80 minutes £60
Abdominal : 40 minutes £35

The jury is still out on wether or not an unborn baby absorbs everything their mother applies to their skin. So, to air on the side of caution we don’t offer aromatherapy oil treatments to our pre-natal clients. Instead, our oils are specially chosen to ensure that they are safe, nourishing and caring for both mother and baby. 

The health and well-being of mother and baby is always our first concern. Therefore, before any of our treatments you will be required to fill in a consultation form. We also advise that prior to our pre-natal massage you consult your GP or midwife.
Please note: we are only able to provide our pre-natal massage after the first trimester (12 weeks). You should avoid pre-natal massage if you suffer from any of the following:
– High risk pregnancy
– Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH)
– Preeclampsia
– Previous pre-term labour
– Experiencing severe swelling
– High blood pressure
– Sudden severe headaches

We also have a full range of Swedish massage treatments including Detoxifying, Deep Tissue , Energising or De-Stressing, all designed to give you the little boost you need.

We use Swedish massage as our chosen massage therapy because it incorporates soft, long kneading strokes alongside light, rhythmic tapping strokes to the top layer of muscle. This coupled with movement of the joints to relieve aches, pains and muscle tension can help after an injury and can be both relaxing and energising.
The technique we use for your chosen massage will depend on the outcome you wish to achieve. Choose from the following treatments.

Our Detox Swedish massage is designed to help flush your body of toxins, cleanse the skin and boost circulation. Using oils that are specifically blended to aid body detoxification.  

*Treatment types, times and prices: *
Full body : 55 minutes = £60
Half body : 30 minutes = £30

Our Deep TissueSwedish massage is designed to revive your body after a long week at work or long periods of training at the gym. Using a deep muscle rub technique to relieve tension helping to prepare your body for the next session at the gym or just get you ready for whatever life has to come.

*Treatment types, times and prices:*
Full body: 55 minutes £60
Half body: 30 minutes £30

This revitalising massage is designed to give your body an energy boost using an aroma oil blended with high energy ingredients which when used alongside our tailored refreshing massage techniques can help clear the mind and spark your body back into action. 

This massage is designed for those who need an energy pick me up and can also aid the affects of jet lag and boost positivity.

*Treatment types, times and prices:*
Full body : 55 minutes £60
Half body: 30 minutes £30

Our De-Stressing Swedish massage is designed to leave you feeling calm and tranquil. Using soothing hand movements and an aroma massage oil blended to nourish the skin. This massage will leave you with a great sense of well-being and allow you to clear your mind, relax your and body and escape the day to day stresses of life.

*Treatment types, times and prices *
Full body : 55 minutes £60
Half body : 30 minutes £30

Here at Boost-life we know you may not always have the time for a full or half hour of massage treatments so our treatments can be broken down into longer or shorter time periods depending on your preference. Please ask for more details.