How do I prepare for my private pregnancy scans?

Did you know it is crucial to stay well hydrated during pregnancy? If you could come with a full bladder when attending your appointment it will help to improve the clarity of the images.   If you are over 20 weeks drink water however, don’t make yourself feel uncomfortable.

Also please remember to bring your hospital pregnancy notes to the appointment.

Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes before your booked appointment time as there are consent forms that need to be completed prior to your scan.

I have special requirements?

If you have any special requirements, which you would like us to try and accommodate on the day of your scan, please let us know before hand and we will do our best to meet them.

Can I bring family and friends?

At this time during the COVID-19 outbreak we are asking mums to attend with no more than one adult guest, who is part of their household or bubble. Unfortunately children are not currently permitted in our clinics. 

What should I wear to my scan?

We would always recommend wearing two-piece clothing on the day of your scan, but something that you are comfortable in.

When can I have a gender scan?

Please ensure that you are at least 15 weeks before coming for your gender scan with us, as sexing is not possible before this time. It is also helpful for you to come with a full bladder so we can get the best view of your baby.

What is a 4D baby scan?

3D Scans show still images of your baby in three dimensions where 4D scans show moving 3D imagery of your baby. 4D Scans allow you to meet your baby and see all their little features before they arrive into the world. From ears to nose to their tiny fingers and toes the experience is something extremely special that you and the whole family can treasure. 

What if you can't get clear 4D images on the day?

We will always make every effort during the scan to get clear images of your baby, however ultimately the decision is down to them. If for any reason, we are unable to complete your scan at your appointment time we may encourage you to go for a walk and have glass of cold water and eat something sugary, to try get baby moving around.

If baby still doesn’t want to play, we will rearrange your appointment for an alternative day. If we are unable to get facial images at your second appointment, we will focus on ensuring you have images of their tiny hands and feet to take away.

Do I still have to go for my hospital scan if I have had a scan at Life Clinic?

Yes absolutely! Our scans are not a substitute for your 12-week and 20-week scans that you have at your NHS hospital appointment. Whilst we always complete a well-being check of baby at the beginning of every scan with us, there are certain tests and abnormalities that we cannot test and detect during our appointments. NHS appointments will also check for abnormalities by taking bloods. So it is important that you attend all antenatal appointments.

What if you find something wrong with Mum or Baby?

All our private baby scans at start with a 2D Well-being check of baby, during this time we will assess baby and check everything is growing normally. All our sonographers are fully trained and qualified so if there is a problem you are in good hands.

They will explain any concerns to you and ensure that you are then referred to your midwife or local neonatal unit for on going care. We will do a report of our findings and forward images if they are requested, with your consent.

Who will carryout my scan?

A fully qualified and registered diagnostic Sonographer will complete your scan.

Will it matter if I have had a scan already at the hospital?

No, it wouldn’t matter but we do recommend leaving at least 7 days between scans.

I don’t want to know my baby’s sex; can I still have a scan?

Yes of course. The important thing is to let us know on the day if you don’t want to know and our sonographer will tell you when to close your eyes. If you are keeping it a surprise till baby’s birth date, why not let us be the only one who knows the sex of your baby and purchase one of our beautiful gender baby gift boxes. There will be no peeking, as it will be completely sealed.  You could take the gift box to the hospital as part of your hospital baggage.  So when baby is born you open your gift box and inside is everything you need to dress baby in pink or blue ready to meet the world.

I’m having twins; do I have to pay more?

Yes, due to the extra time in the scan room a £25 surcharge is payable on the day of your appointment.

Do you need to know about any previous pregnancies?

It is beneficial for us to know about previous pregnancies. This question is included in the form we ask you to complete when you arrive at the clinic. Knowing about previous pregnancies can help the Sonographer to explain things to you.

Will the scan be fully explained to me?

Yes, our clinic staff will explain our procedures upon arrival and when you go through for your scan our sonographer will explain fully the scan procedure and what happens next.  

How long will my appointment take?

Your appointment slot will be 15 minutes however we do suggest you allow up to 40 minutes for your full experience with us. When you arrive, you will be asked to complete some information about yourself before taking you through for your scan. Following your scan we will prepare your well-being report and you have a selection of images and extras to choose from to take away.

However, this is all dependent on baby and if they are in a difficult position on the day you may be with us for longer. We must however ensure ultrasound exposure guidelines are followed in accordance with ALARA, as low as reasonable achievable.

I want to book/amend/cancel my appointment?

You can book your baby scan online or over the phone with the clinic teams. If you want to amend a booking you do need to call the clinic to discuss it.

If you want to cancel your appointment it must be done 48 hours prior to your appointment time, otherwise you will lose your deposit, which has been paid.

Can I purchase extra products on the day?

Of course! We offer a selection of gifts to choose from on the day to enhance your baby scan experience. Our gifts range from photo frames, gender reveal items, HD live and movie upgrades but also our extremely popular heartbeat bears to record your baby’s heartbeat to take away in a bear of your choice on the day.